QBLN: Leadership Network

Queer Burners was designed to network LGBTQ++ camps, groups and camps who are working together to make our collective burn experiences profound and uniquely meaningful. We have the great fortune to be a part of a community that has strong origins. Without some trailblazers of these ideals, we could never have created this incredible network of support.

Special thanks to KD Calfee, Jessica Allred, Cyndi “No Pants”, Foxy and the late Mario Cisneros for their early support. To many of the folks at Comfort & Joy, Gender Blender and the GlamCocks for their help along the way. Several leaders in the community have emerged as a sort of HIVE mind who have helped out with leadership education and development along the way: Meet them Here (click).

The Queer Burners Leadership Network (QBLN)  includes camp leaders, builders of art and art cars, and people leading a variety of projects.

Mission Statement

To create and curate events & spaces for intentional development of community and leadership based on the Burning Man 10 Principles. To give members of the community the space to rise into roles that let them become leaders and creators and drive the wake that makes, creates and promotes radical creativity. Promote projects and collaboration.

to create a leadership network allowing members of the community to support and communicate each other; strengthen projects and share resources.
to create community programs that that give back and help built enterprise concepts for bettering our world. To x-post, support, network existing programs supporting great ideas already out there.
to be the flying buttress when needed and be the extra arms when called upon. To help in lifting projects up when they need and gently help let go when the time is right, but never losing hope by finding support from each other physically or through cheer.

Queer Burner Leadership Summit

Queer Burners started a gathering of camp leaders in 2012 designed to be an annual event where camp leaders can come together for the sole purpose of talking about resources, sharing ideas, and finding community partners.  Our 2015 gathering was a lite version. See the links by year below to learn about each one.

See more: 2012 | 2013 | 2014 |2015 | 2016

Burning Man Global Leadership Conference

2015 Description :  “The conference theme is “The Next Creative Renaissance: Buildin’ it up, Bustin’ it Out, and Bringin’ it Home” aimed at inspiring civic engagement through art and community. We want participants to return home full of ideas about how to make a meaningful impact in their hometowns, cities, and regions. Featured speakers and programming will address and explore activating and nurturing Burning Man culture and communities across the world.” burningman-glc.com

This is not a conference for just anyone and focuses on people who are contracted as Regional Contacts; an official role with the Burning Man Organization. If you live in an area of the world without a Regional Contact you could join the network; there are a lot of Queer Burners in that network. Go to the Regional Contact page on Facebook.

Who are your layers of leadership resources from the ground up?

  • a favored community leader / camp leader
  • do you know a BRC Ranger in your area who can give you impartial feedback?
  • locally many regions have an official Regional Contact who is active
  • if there is a regional problem in the official operation of Burning Man contact the network by using regionals@burningman.org email address

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