DJs for Spirited and beyond

Right now I am actively looking for some special people to feature at Spirited. I am working on doing better than I have in the past with All Of Us. And I would like to find a team who I can hire and pay fairly that I can establish a good relationship with for this and future projects. Maybe even more than one team.

In the past I hired a head DJ and gave that person a budget and said … do your thing. However, in 2017 it was clear there was an element missing which included Technical Support and in 2018 we hired someone to that specifically, so I think whomever comes on as a team has to have someone in that group to be technically proficient so the talent can do their jobs with fewer people stressing over equipment.

Going forward, I am seeking a package deal where I can hire a producer who might also be the head DJ who:

  • will hire, schedule, and pay talent to play the scheduled parties at a Queerburners event
  • will provide all supporting equipment and have a technician who can repair and setup as needed and be ready for showtime
  • will provide all lighting needed for their needs at the DJ section

Queerburners will pay the Producer a negotiated contracted amount as a budget item for our records and either treat you as a contracted entity or will work with you to see what is the best solution. This will have to be in writing with a clear understanding of what is expected for your protection and ours.

  • Must have music programs in place for all scheduled dance events for a Queerburners Production
  • Must provide all equipment including speakers, decks, cables and power cords. In some cases that may include generators (Spirited).

Additional production design, lighting and decoration is the responsibility of Queerburners unless that is also negnotiated.

Sound must always be in compliance with local laws and may need to be managed or limited based on the direction of the production team leadership.

Basically you and each person on your team will also get:

  • paid a negotiated rate per set preferably through the Producer
  • one ticket to the event for the performer and a plus 1 without charge
  • access to the event as any guest

Spirited: Production Team Meeting

It is time to get into how Spirited will work. I scheduled a meeting on August 4th @ 7pm at the Pilsner Inn at Church and Market.

Join us and be a part of making Spirited an amazing community event. This kind of event is not as technical as All Of Us was, but can be a lot of fun to produce. Jump in and be a spark for something new and amazing for the LGBTQIA+ burner community.We are working on a socially responsible, accountable and consent embracing event.

Facebook: Link

Google Calendar: Link

On Monday 7/26 Starduster and I will be driving to the site to survey and get a first hand view of the site where we will be hosting the event.

Theme Camps at Spirited

Having theme camps at Spirited is ideal for adding to the event. Participants generating their own spaces where people can gather are an amazing asset we hope to see develop. It is important that people not get caught up in thinking they have to do something on the level of a mega-presentation in order to show up. It’s not about the glam, its about the vibe.

It can be simple, it can be complex, but it should be fun and your own statement. Here are a couple favorite images from a favorite event of I love to go to called which is the Southern Nevada Regional.

Camp shown will not be at Spirited, this is here as an exampled from a similar event that a person could do
Camp shown will not be at Spirited, this is here as an exampled from a similar event that a person could do

While I think we all would love to bring something on the level of Comfort & Joy, Glamcocks or even Ferngully to the party this is something that is easy to transfer and build/strike. And, as you can see. People really appreciate the effort.