Well 2015’s Carnival of Mirrors came and went and it was fantastic. Read our official Trip Report for 2015 from this blog.

Carnival of Mirrors featured a Midway that was as superb as the Souk from last year, showing that Burning Man is working on elevating the features of the-man experience. If this is the working model moving forward it certainly brings a greater sense of excitement to the event. It’s very marketable.

This year marked some new possibilities for the Queer Burners project and it also a time to re-evaluate and asses where to go forth into the future. Your admin Toaster will be stepping back in some areas and pushing forward in others. In the eb and flow of that energy we hope to see others taking an effort to be a part of the machine.


Our annual list of event seeks to highlight as many of our community camps possible and feature the largest efforts. When Hanging Gardens announced their plan to create an event inclusive for the whole 7:30 sector and beyond the excitement was high. That was before we knew that our placer Hepkitten was going to turn the Gayborhood on it;s side with what was to become Rainbow Road.  What’s the right tool for your burn? Get the Time to Burn App for Apple | Android | not Windows 🙁

Official Queer Burner Meet & Greet at Burning Man Carnival of Mirrors 2015


BRC Gay Pride Parade

The above events were not nearly as successful in their current formats as hoped for, as they as described in the trip report linked at the top of the page. In the next year, if they happen again, they will not happen in the same form or by the same person leading them.

Our First Major Event
Our First Major Event

We also saw our first major regional-like event with participants coming from all over. Spring Retreat brought in 90 people to the GroundSwell – a Radical Faery Land in norther California. With a lot of it’s success on the shoulders of producers that came from Glamcocks, Beaverton, BAAAHS, and Comfort & Joy. We had lighting by Steve D and music from the BAAAHS, Polyglamorous and Digital Wildlife collectives.

All proceeds went back into the community and no one made any money on the project. We did pay for some expenses and paid for some services needed to make it work, but none of the producers made a dime from it. We were able to use the money collected to make a gift for the community that was given out in 2015 Burning Man for the first time… and more are coming. See the full report on Spring Retreat here.


Patch Design
Patch Design

Thanks to the proceeds from Spring Retreat we were able to produce a patch featuring the city (BRC) and the rainbow flag. It is definitely a collector item. The patches first went out to the leaders, doers and makers of the community. Some gifted randomly  to members of the community. But we made enough to give away a lot of them. So stay tuned how to get yours if you want one.

We also gave to the community as a whole. There were a couple small fund raisers out there that we took some of those funds and used to help burner efforts before 2015’s Carnival of Mirrors. One of them was to help the Soul Train art car get to the playa.

Leadership in the QB Community

The annual (since 2012) Queer Burner Leadership Summit did not happen in 2015, but at the Spring Retreat Event there was a makeshift attempt to provide a Leadership Lite version of Leadership workshops. It is clear there really has to be a structure and value for attendees in the future greater than in the past.

Toaster did go to the Burning Man – Global Leadership Conference and Regional Summit representing in April 2015. We did ask for 3 passes and were turned down because it would have been ideal to have been joined with Foxy (Beaverton Mayor) and Cyndi Vee (Gender Blender Mayor) if it could have been arranged. The value of queer leaders at the Regional Event is a little blurry because this event generally caters to geographical regions rather than populations of people.

In the last couple years, 2014 and 2015 especially, issues impacting women and other sexually predatory behavior have been making a strong presence in the conversations. This conversation includes the LGBTQ++ community although we are never really named; the focus is usually non-gender specific by leans a lot toward women.

10 Principles

Acculturation is key to be a member of this community. It either comes naturally while for some people never really wrap their heads around the ideas. It is about community. It is about fostering relationships. It is not a weapon.

Using the phrase Radical Self Reliance is not a paddle to smack someone who needs a hand. Community, Immediacy and Radical Inclusion are just as important.

Community is the principle this side endeavors to embody the most and what we work hard to foster in the Gayborhood and beyond.

Camps List 2015

NOTE: This list will grow between now and burn time. Any comments are made random and are intended to be helpful in your choice. All camps are radically inclusive, but some play to a more particular audience. Queer Burners [dot] Com encourages all camps to have diverse members. While not all camps are the right fit for everyone all campers have an obligation to the collective and the health and well-being of that collective, so membership is not obligatory; your request may be denied. Camps returning to Burning Man and their status or recruitment / fees / etc will be linked below.



Gayborhood Camps (P = Placed / NP = Not Placed / U = Pending / V = Village / * = Confirmed for 2015)
To apply to any of these camps or to explore who they are more please follow the links! Note If V / (XYZ) this means they are part of a Village and (XYZ) refers to the village they are part of. None of these camps are Plug n Play Camps.

Type Name Address Taking Apps Placement Link Theme
Queer BAAAHS Village Ukn P Facebook Art Car / DJ Collective
Queer Diva Nation* Unk BAAAHS/V
Queer Meowtown Unk BAAAHS/V
Queer Mack Hookup Truck** Unk BAAAHS/V
Queer Adult Play Space* Unk BAAAHS/V
Queer BloAsis Village*  7:30 & D Ukn P Facebook Runway / Bar
Mixed Wiener Zoo & Pussy Aquarium* Unk BloAsis/V Facebook
Queer Bearin’ Oasis* Unk BloAsis/V
Mixed Camp Rainblow Fishy* Unk BloAsis/V
Mixed The Dead Pirates* Unk BloAsis/V
Mixed Gaylactic Invaders Village (GIV) 8:15 & D Yes P  Bar / Aerialists
Queer Homojitoville* Yes (GIV) / V  Facebook
Mixed Cirque du so Gay* Yes (GIV) / V
Mixed Om Bindi* Yes (GIV) / V
Mixed Time to Burn* Yes (GIV) / V
Queer Comfort & Joy Village (C&J)*  8:00 & D Yes P Facebook / Web Nightclub / Chill Space / Sex+
Queer Pink Gym* C&J / V Facebook Gym
Queer Camp Montage C&J / V Art
Queer Camp Realness* C&J / V
Queer Water Boys* C&J / V
Queer Tatza Habba* C&J / V
Queer Dust Bunnies* C&J / V
Mixed Celestial Bodies* 7:30 & D Unk P Facebook / Web Bar
Mixed Vietnamese Iced Coffee Experience* 7:45 & F Unk P Facebook Coffee Service
Queer Dickstracted* 7:45 & D Unk P Facebook
Queer Camp Conception* 7 & D Yes P Facebook Nightclub / Art
Queer Sun Guardians* 7 & D Yes P Facebook / Web Temple / Yoga
Queer Mudskippers Urban Decay Cafe* 7:15 & D Yes P Facebook Smoothies
Queer Down Low Club*  7:45 & D Unk P Facebook Playspace / Sex+
Queer AstroPups*  6:45 & D No P Facebook
Queer Glamcocks*  7:30 & D No P Facebook / Web Nightclub
Queer Camp Beaverton*  7:45 & D Yes P Facebook / Web Classes / Safe Place / Sex+
Queer Gender Blender*  7:45 & D Yes P Facebook Events / Safe Place / support
Queer Burner Buddies*  4:30 & J Yes P Facebook Hairy, Hung, Naked
Queer Bïërdhäüs*  7:15 & D Ukn P Facebook Hot Bearded Men
Queer Yes, Please* No P Facebook Chill space / Sex+
Queer Milk & Honey 7:15 & D P
Queer Disco Chateau* 3:30 & D P Facebook
Queer Camp Harmony*  7:45 & D  Unk P Sexy Dungeon
Queer/Sober Run Free Camp*  7:15 & C Yes P Facebook AA Meetings
Queer/Sober Camp Stella*  7:15 & D Yes P Facebook AA Meetings
Mixed Hanging Gardens* 6:45 & D Unk P Facebook
Mixed Paradise Motel* 7:45 & D No P Facebook / Web Daytime Snow Cones / DJs
Mixed Petersons Pink Pagoda (PPP)* 3:30 & RR Yes P Facebook
Mixed Camp Get Nailed* 6:45 & B Yes P
QueerFr Dilated Peoples Eye Spa No P Facebook Eye Wash
QueerFr AstroCats*  6:45 & D P U
QueerFr Sukkat Shalom Unk P Facebook
QueerFr Poly Paradise* Unk P
QueerFr Orphan Endorphin*  7 & A Yes P Facebook Bar


Camps temperature may vary and before you go diving into any of them thinking you want to camp because they are already awesome, make sure they are dancing to the same beat as you are. Check out this page about choosing a camp.

  • Sex+ Camps: these are camps that have a strong sexual dynamic in exploring sexuality and gender identity
    (Comfort & Joy, Beaverton, Gender Blender, Down Low Club, Poly Asylum, Poly Paradise)
  • Spiritual Camps: these are typically somewhat low key camps that have sacred space
    (Sukkot Shalom, Sun Guardians)
  • Niche Camps: usually catering to people of a like-attribute or sub section of the community
    (GlamCocks, AstroPups, Camp Stella, Run Free Camp)

It should be noted that ALL camps are radically inclusive but have the right to be selective on who and whom they want to camp with for most reasons anyone else would. Nuf’ said… the above associations are subjective and you should explore what camp you want that turns you on whatever they may be.


  • NrQueer: Mostly Queer campers
  • QueerFr: Queer Friendly
  • Queer: Basically all queer but not a hard line
  • Unk: Uknown … which means I do not know…
  • Under “Placement” if:
    • Yes: They were registered and placed
    • No: Not Registered and will be approximate address
    • Anything else: will typically mean they are part of a Village and the name of the village will appear in this space.
    • Unk: see above…