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I am so grateful and excited to see so many people joining this site. I know it will get more active as we get closer to BM, but go quiet as it passes. Seems to be the normal heart beat of Burner sites.

Thank you all so much. I hope we can keep this rolling… hugs. Peace. Love.

4 thoughts on “New Members”

  1. You can keep this rolling by posting some info on all the regional Decompressions! Moonbow Camp will try and be at SF Decom and the LA Decom also. We might have a lounge to introduce ourselves at next years Long Beach Gay Pride also!

  2. Awsome… well, at least I am sure we will meet on playa this year. Looking forward to it. I am meeting some cool peeps by starting this site… so happy.

  3. I have difficulty posting things as much as I want but when it lets me I try. Should try and meet my partner and I too… we’d love to have a whole new burn experience this year.

  4. @Ace Hey Ace… if you are having problems with anything, just give me as much detail as you can; links, error messages or what have you and I will do everything I can to make it work for you.

    I will post some more info under the Help Menu about posting.

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