Being Prepared for Burning Man

What does it take to be ready for your journey to Burning Man? Ask yourself ‘are you ready?’ Will you ever be ready? So many people blindly wander into this journey thinking it is some hippy, feel-good, love fest where people will share and give endlessly.

Burner: Tales from the Playa – Part One from Tony Edwards on Vimeo.

The gifting economy of Burning Man is a generous thing, but the mundanes gliding into this world on glitter shitting unicorns might be surprised. Gifting is not asked for or expected. Gifting is not necessarily for the exchange of goods. That’s called bartering, which works too, but go to Burning Man prepared.

10 Principles of Burning Man say it all! However, the most important is Redical Self-Reliance. Toaster says “Take care of your own shit”. Do not rely on the generous nature of others to fill your void. So even if it is painful resist burdening others for your lack of planning.

Are you Playa Primed?

Packing List
Tales of the Playa Vid
The Tales video series that can be found on was one of the best resources for preparing yourself for the playa that I found. -Toaster

The absolutely best resources are all located on the Burning Man home page, without a doubt. However, use all the resources at your disposal. The best advice is to get to know people in your community or join another and become part of the do-acracy. Burning Man is a participatory entity.

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