EMail sent to AOU 2018 Attendees

The following email was sent out to AOU attendees from 2018 about the future of Queer Burners.


If you are receiving this it is because you were an attendee of ALL OF US 2018. We want to reach out to the community about a new focus and new future for this platform that is made with all of you in mind. You can participate as well… and I am genuinely reaching out to people (but read the following first)

Queer Burners has been around since 2008 and was created as a grounding for LGBTQ+ burners to be able to connect without boundaries. Sometimes camps and regions can seperate us, but this platform was always meant to cross borders, limits and hopefully spawn collaboration.

The mission is/has been: Building Community and Leadership Together.

We even have an updated logo for 2020 you can see at!

Queer Burners is working on a 501.c3 status with a board and a new strategy. It is absolutely neccessary to put our events and activities on solid ground. This way nothing is dependant on a single person and community is 100% in focus. 

With this 501.c3 status we can:

  • harness a better leadership structure for all matters ahead
  • set standards and operate within a space of people commited to our culture

There is a huge perk with this change! I am excited to be able to sponsor artists and performers and offer them the perks of our status. We will have a chance to network with other groups for the promotion of creativity in 10 principle based events and more.

Sounds good so far? EVERYONE receiving this is … yes EVERYONE is welcome on this journey. Our goal is to have diversity on the board and we are struggling with that. We are also looking to you for some insight into helping foster that future. 

To signal your desire to participate pleae complete this:

To join in on the Queer Burner Leadership Network:

On Twitter:


All Queer Burners Links: that include regional groups on and off Facebook, because not everyone depends on it. However, most of the links are on Facebook still. 

THANK YOU for taking the time to look this over. Feel free to submit feedback we for anything I might have missed in this message and reply to

The Comms Team meet on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month.

The Events and Entity Team meet on tbhe 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month.


Scott aka Toaster
Queer Burners

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