Member Priveledges

I have increased access for all current members and it will be done on a case by case basis for the future. This means you can create posts and blogs and what-not; as some might say.

If thee is something you want to add or contribute and are having problems let me know via the online form. Or reach me anyway you know how.


Burning Man, Arts, Performance (related to BM -ish) etc.

Thanks – Toaster

6 thoughts on “Member Priveledges”

  1. Last year we had the pink mammoth gay tea dance, are they coming back this year? What are the best options for gay dancing this year?

  2. We can only hope it will be back. I look forward to it. Mario aka Moonraker has been talking about a bunch of stuff with their camp I am looking forward to. naked bike ride… pub crawl… whoo-hoo! Is Pink Mammoth the camp?

  3. Pink mammoth is a day time dance camp, i’ll look and see if they are returning. But The Deep End is not returning this year either, its was the hotest daytime dance camp with their all male dance show. Instead, a couple of their members are returning with a new daytime dance-a-teria called District, it’ll have huge go-go boy boxes all over the dance floor for you to jump on and show your stuff! It’s going to be on 9pm or 930pm street, i’ll find out.

  4. So sad, Pink Mammoth was only a block from me and was my go-to place to shake my afternoon moneymaker. Oh well, just makes more room for something new and great, yes?

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