I am looking for a camp!

So, you are looking for a camp to hang with at Burning Man? How do you know which is the right one and where do you begin? Some of us who have been doing this a while point to the 10 principles which most, if not all, camp leaders will direct you to. Immediacy, community and so much more are components of the 10 principles that are about getting involved.

Radical inclusion applies to us all, but some camps have a core of people who are ‘like’ in some way. Is like another word for a ‘click’? Not at all, because you will find most camps I have interacted with have some really open ideas about the mixture of people in their camps.

While many camps are eclectic in nature’ let’s be honest, some camps have a ‘type’.

  • AstroPups is known for the bears, cubs and sexy otters and such. According to Russ Smith; “the Astropups are that group of pups and cubs and otters and bears you love to shower with in the dust”. Maybe these guys are your cup-of-tea but they are a tight group who have been burning a long time together. You have to be sponsored in to join them by a member who has already camped with them. Their Facebook
  • Glamcocks has a lot of twinkie goodness; rich in cream filling (just kidding). They do have an amazing camp unlike many at the TTITD and have a younger demographic. While they are a lot of fun they too have a strong core. Check out their web site and maybe their movie and maybe you have that something special to join their ranks.
  • Drag queens and radical self-expression personified are what you might find at Comfort & Joy. This is an elective crew and very welcoming for civic minded boy-girls. They are typically part of the nexus of the Gayborhood along with the Beavers and the smaller camps inside their borders. Check out their web site and Facebook pages too. I think they are looking for new people, by the way.
  • Did someone say Beaver? This Beaver has a Tale. While having been paired with Gender Blender and are separating themselves but this is a great group.

We do have the QUEER CAMP LIST right here on the site, but things are always changing. While we asked people to help keep these posts alive and updated people are busy.


Few camps are going to let you waltz in without investing in getting to know them, their culture, their principles and their interpretation and implementation of the Burning Man 10 Principles.  No one wants  an unknown variable in their midst.

Getting involved is the key to success: Participation.


Check out these links… many of them you have to be logged in to access.


5 thoughts on “I am looking for a camp!”

  1. Hey all,
    Total newbie here, just scored a ticket in STEP, and looking for advice on the overwhelming number of things that must be arranged, done, etc, if I”m going to go it alone!
    Any help apprciated!

  2. Welcome to the fold here and I wish you luck whatever you decide to do. The camps listed above on the Camps 2013 link in the toolbar are amazing and all have a slightly different niche. What kind of camp are you looking for and do you have the ability to get involved with any of them from your home city? Also, the Facebook page is pretty active… but I will get people checking the Gooogle Docs pages also linked in the other pages for 2013 as well:

  3. Hey looking for a camp to join but can’t really afford the high cost of the dues. Any advice and lower cost camp dues or how to find people to join in a camp or is anyone interested in camping together? First time burner rolling solo and trying to figure out my situation here.

  4. Not all camps have a camp fee. Not knowing much about you I am not sure what to suggest. Sun Guardians is one you might check out or Beaverton… depending on what you want. I am running Sun Guardians so I am prejudice; because it is my project. Use the Camps list and use the contact forms. I know Beaverton is looking for more gender female identified or other… so let me know if you need help finding resources.

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