This site is a community and I have set it up with the intention that verified members* can post blogs of their experiences related to Burning Man to share with one and all.

Rules on Posting

It is simple to do, but there are some rules that go along with that. I would greatly appreciate following them, but moreso I want to see people using this site to foster a stronger sub-community of Burning Man.

  • No abusive postings about anyone or any organization; opinions and experiences are different. Just nothing I or you could be sued over.
  • No smut… this is a fae-mly friendly site. See how I put Fae and Family together like that?
  • No advertising or cross links UNLESS it is relevant or non-commercial.
  • No blinkies! Just kidding, I am not big on rules but bottom line let’s keep this enchilada good…

WHAT is a post versus an event?

A post is like a blog or article on GB and is for your stories or expertise to be shared with the rest of the community. This is also a good place for your burner tales!

  • Posts must contain a complete idea, no commercial enterprises, and please include pictures.
  • Post MUST have a “Featured Image” that will appear in the rotating images on the front of the site; if you need one I (Toaster) will make one for you.
  • Posts are HELD for moderation for most members; notify Toaster if you are ready for review and publishing.
  • Posts ARE NOT events; events in the software running this site is called a Gig and see the FAQ for more.

Who can Post

Your stories and experiences, maybe your advice, is appreciated. Some members have different levels of access and can do different things.

  1. Administrators: only a couple of those like your Toaster.
  2. Editors/Moderators: peeps who have stepped up and offered to help moderate and post.
  3. Contributors: verified members who can create Posts; code for blogs.
  4. Members: people with basic access to the site and can communicate with other members.

Photo Policy

Please familiarize yourselves with the Photo Policy on the site. We am very liberal on what people should be able to show of themselves, but the profile main photo CANNOT be a photo portraying SEXUAL ACTS or anything EXPLICIT.

Every user should have a profile picture; that picture should show YOU preferably at a Burning Man related event or in costume or something fun, but as long as it is you. There is a general place to post pics for all and there are pictures by category. If we need a new category, please contact the Admin and it shall be added!

NUDITY is okay… but please let’s not get vulgar. Admins will make judgement calls for appropriateness in the end and apologies if anyone is offended. PROFILES WHO BREAK THE RULES will be deleted within 24 hours of a warning that is issued via email.

  • Your profile Picture: Pic of YOU and rated PG
  • Your profile photo album: nothing illegal or disgusting… open to interpretation
  • Public Photo Album: No sexual acts or anything disgusting… again, this is a community

Anyone being abusive or inappropriate to any other member will not be tolerated. The same principles of Burning Man apply here… there as good as the 10 Commandments (might have reached high for that one?).

Want to add your pictures?

Contact the Admin through the contact page. Yo will be set up with a login and access through a manual process. At that point you can login and add to the Galleries at will.


As soon as I can verify someone on some level I change their status to Contributor. How does that happen? In many cases I have met or communicated with said person. OR.. I make a judgement call. E-Mail your Admin for assistance.

I check almost all profiles and if they are not complete OR appear to be fake I nuke’em at some point or they may remain Members for their term on the site. I do not accept incomplete profiles, non-human profiles, or anything sounding like it was written on a toilet wall… yeah ew.

How to Post

You do not HAVE TO contribute. But wouldn’t it be cool to share something directly with everyone. Just do me a favor… edit and check spelling. I do reserve the right to edit and maybe adjust images or do touch-ups without changing content unless it violates any of those tough policies above.

After logging in on the main page click Dashboard at the top in the Admin Bar.

  • On the right side of the page you should see “Posts”
  • click then “New Post” .. which will give you a visual screen to write in. It works a lot like MSWord or Open Office.
  • Write what you write and use the tools presented like spell check and image insertions, etc.
  • OPTION: click Save Draft as you until finished or if you want an Editor or Admin to look it over before publishing.
  • MODERATION: for almost every member posts are held for moderation.

Adding Events

Go to the FAQ or read the section above this called “What is a Post versus an EVENT”

How to Post and Event

Login to QueerBurners.Com > then you will see the Admin Bar at the top and choose Dashboard >

  • On the right side of the page you should see “Gig’s Calendar”
  • click Gig’s Calendar… then you will see a new page with several option appearing at the top
  • The “Venue” must be loaded first; so you need to click New Venue and add the venue location and information ABOUT THE VENUE (Not the Event) unless it is already there like BRC is
  • Save the Venue then click New Gig at the top of the screen
  • Complete the Gig/Event information; if tickets need to be purchased make that note

Namaste Baby!

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  1. You can load them into a gallery for the year associated with them or you can create a new gallery and then add them… if you need help let Toaster @admin know … that’s me. I am still trying to find a working plugin so everyone can upload images to their own profiles…

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