Healthy Friction, 2nd Annual Group Masturbation!

After you have ridden in the Naked Bike Ride and Pub Crawl, you’ll end up at Comfort and Joy where we will be waiting for your arrival with Celebration of Your Erection and Man-Hood, yeah like a Group Bate Event! (JO Party).

Healthy Friction returns for the 2nd Annual Afternoon dedicated to Masturbation!

Burning Man locater map: (Facebook App created by Burners)


WED, 31AUG 12 Noon until 3pm at Comfort and Joy.
7 O’clock and Engagement, Black Rock City.

Healthy Friction brings the joy of group Masturbation experience to the Playa for the 2nd year. Come celebrate your maleness, and show off your Proud Penis with Erections in a group setting, under the big top at Comfort and Joy. It’s Safe, it’s Sexual, and it’s MALE!

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Healthy Friction is going to South Florida in October for a Weekend of Tropical Masturbation!
Ft Lauderdale, FL 14-17 OCT, 2011

1 thought on “Healthy Friction, 2nd Annual Group Masturbation!”

  1. Joined in at this and found myself really enjoying it. A large group of men in a circle all jerking it, looking around, making contact on occasion and expecting nothing more. On one occasion I did make something of a connection with a sexy man in the group and as we stared at each other as two people would who were connecting I had an incredible orgasm.

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