Ello? Is this the answer for Facebook?

It’s not just jumping on the bandwagon when it comes to the #mynameis movement sweeping Facebook with drag performers and other people trying to use pseudonyms on social media. No! Facebook has been cheating our community for a long time.

Queer Burners on Facebook has had a Page for as many years as it has existed. The Admin followed the rules and created a Page associated with a personal profile so there was a solid chain and a solid respect for their policies.

  • In return, Facebook throttled our posts to 200 to 400 people max out of 2000
  • Deleted photos reported without any cause and limited the account for reasons that were never clear
  • Crammed ads down our throats
  • Gouged for more money at every turn without any return on investment
  • Lied about it or simply showed no interest in anything that ultimately did not line Mark Zuckerburg’s pockets

So the potential of something new and better is exciting. Something more in line with our burner ideology (10 Principles) than corporate greed makes something like Ello.Co [link] look very sexy.

What is Ello doing?

ello.coWe currently hold the i.d. @queerburers on Ello but unless you are invited you cannot see that that means. Ello is by invitation only and is officially in Beta mode but between burners and the fae community battling the #mynameis movement the roles are being flooded with networked  artsy types.

Ello is a simple social networking mechanism with a User Interface that is basic and nothing like Facebook… NOTHING. It’s almost like Tumblr at this stage without the fancy dress. There is a whole list of ideas coming and hitting the site regularly. Ello is the new darling of social networking; not social ad placement networking.



mynameisThe #mynameis campain [link]  is creating a crater or Facebook who snubbed queer royalty (Sister Roma Roma of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence) and others who represent voices of the community. Our Queer Community and voices of people who seek anonymity on the web.

Mark Zuckerberg called it “integrity” while the real bottom line is his ability to shove ads at subscribers and gouge for fees as noted above. Thank you pious white mail heterosexual established and entitled.

The End is Nigh

While AOL, Friendster, mySpace and others never thought their day would come their reality is a distant memory for most. AnyBeat.Com almost made something happen many burners remember. Tribe.Net still holds some distant fond memories but has since been bought out by Cisco and was essentially mothballed.

If someone got hold of Tribe.Net and updated the software, defined it’s policies and made it a little safer for public use [gear down the porn] it would be a killer on the social networking scene.

Yet, right now everyone is looking at Ello.Co as a fresh platform with no ads and a fairly liberal platform that really is – so far – conducive to burner thinking as well as fae.

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  1. The conversation has continued whether or not Ello really is the right fit for the future of social networking for our community and beyond. It is pretty bare bones and people are having trouble navigating the pages, searching or other things we took for granted on other more developed networks.

    Another network called https://diasp.org got a looksee based on a member suggestion and it did not provide a lot more than Ello but it was certainly more developed. Seems many are content with taking on Ello because it is something and Facebook’s policies are being seen as just unacceptable.

    Seems we are not solidly off the Facebook grindstone yet. But your feedback is highly encouraged and one does ask the community to be optimistic. Something good is bound to happen.

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