All Of Us -Unofficial Regional for LGBTQ++

All Of Us event is the only LGBTQ focused event in the world using the Burning Man 10 Principles as a foundation. This is not an officially sanctioned event by the Burning Man Organization. While we are a regional like event and focus on LGBTQ anyone who participates in the community is a welcome addition to the event. This happens on Memorial Day Weekend annually. This also has been, so far, adults only. That means all attendees are 18+ and required to provide valid identification and sign a waiver of liability to the land and producers.

The Queer Burner Retreat

All Of Us event came from the Queer Burner Retreat. It was re-branded and a new location so we could make room for potential expansion and welcome people of more varied backgrounds as well as people with limited physical abilities. We started as the Queer Burner Retreat at Groundswell, but moved to Saratoga Springs Retreat Center anticipating growth.

2017 All Of Us: An LGBTQA Event for the Burning Man Community from Jeff Schick on Vimeo