2017 – ALL OF US

Imagine a secluded green valley where the dappled emerald light filters through oaks and pines, down to a cozy place dotted with lodges, shrines, pools and festival grounds. The people there revel in art and rejoice in love. By day, they swim, hike and teach each other empowering truths. By night, they dance and celebrate beauty and belonging. You are welcome there at a place for All of Us!

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The Queer Burner Retreat is expanding both in size and inclusivity. After three years of wildly successful weekends, the event is moving to a space where there is room for more art, more music and more participation. All Of Us is a radically inclusive event celebrating the diverse rainbow of creative people in our tribe. By providing a safe space for our special flavor of radical self-expression, the event fosters community among queer burners, our allies, and newcomers longing to join our bohemian family.

The event’s new name, “All of Us” is a celebration of diversity and community. This is a 10 Principles event. Our community produces this event privately, guided by these principles and encourages all attendees to practice them.

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The 5 day/4 night holiday weekend is filled with exciting events and activities. Everything from evening dance parties, live performances, daytime pool parties, a garden sunset cocktail hour, and a variety of workshops and seminars! Even meals and drinks are included as part of the event ticket.

All Of Us 2017 DJ List

Saratoga Springs (http://www.saratogasprings.com) offers us an incredible amount of amenities. Situated in Upper Lake, CA, some of its highlights include:

  • Large swimming pool  and huge jacuzzi (15+ people) with outdoor event space
  • Green spaces for yoga classes and meditation workshops
  • Miles of hiking paths through gorgeous California woods

Our new venue allows us to build and enjoy much more art! If you are interested in bringing art or curated spaces for the community to appreciate and interact with, we have space for both large installation art projects and smaller offerings throughout the venue. Please let us know what you are considering bringing via this participation form.  

This is a 21 and over event, with no pets allowed on the property. All participants are expected to behave in accordance with all laws and adhere to the restrictions set by the event staff.

  • All ticket sales are final through eventbrite.com.
  • You may transfer the sale of a ticket, but only at the original price paid plus any associated fees. Scalped tickets may be cancelled without refund if the pricing or transfer policy is abused.
  • Participants are expected to respect every person, their personal space, and gender identity. CONSENT AND MUTUAL RESPECT are fundamental to the event. The production team will eject any attendees found to be in violation without refund.
  • Smoking and designated chill spaces are marked on the property map provided in the brochure.
  • Glass of ANY NATURE may not be brought near the pool/jacuzzi area at any time.

This event is not officially sanctioned by the Burning Man organization.

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