Recovery? How’s it going?

Every year, for those feeling affected by the journey/experience at BRC, there is an amount of time it takes to get back into the flow. For this guy, I am still trying to swim to the surface.

Yesterday and today I have been in a funk, thinking about my time out there, yet looking ahead. Share your story…

2 thoughts on “Recovery? How’s it going?”

  1. Came back after my first burn……

    1st day was so emotional
    2nd day sad I can not be at home(BRC)
    3rd day emotion and sad.
    4th day LOL! Relived a couple nights on the playa.(all nighter drinking) and painting.
    things got better day by day. Birthday came and went. things are better but I find myself missing all the new friends/family I met/made.

  2. My return was pretty much as expected with pleasant surprises. Just prior to TTITD, a major milestone project at work got moved up by 4 months…, not weeks, 4 MONTHS! So I knew I had to return on my A game. My boss was awesome in being super kind and gentle the first two days back…then a weekend, then all hell broke loose. Yeah, returning to camp reality has been harsh this year, no gentle float down for me!

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