Rainbow Road Story Redacted

I decided to pull the post and delete the petition because this was bringing a lot of things to the surface that were not desirable over all. It seems like there are a lot of feelings people have about the Gayborhood and what Placement offers. While these feelings do not specifically coincide with mine and what I observed it is the mission of Queer Burners to perpetuate the needs of the Queer Burning Man participants. (period)

What people will say, what people will commit to in writing, and then what people will take action for are very different things. And especially with Mercury still in retrograde and this crazy full ellipse stuff going on in the universe… it’s best to pull back and re-evaluate.

My position is that I want to fiercely protect the Gayborhood. It has been my mission for 8 years. Maybe we are going through a typical phase of change and sometime change needs to thrive.

The wide feeling is people are happy with Placement. And with that… I thank eveeryone for their feedback. Stay tuned as we look to keep this community live and vibrant. Much love to you all.

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