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Queer Burners News Letter

Thank you to all of you who have subscribed and been subscribed to this news letter through joining the web site ( Our list is an important channel to the LGBTQ++ community. Help keep this list alive and keep up to date with our event announcements that go out every 2 weeks! Thank you again.

In this issue of the monthly news letter:

  • All Of Us Update
    • The Art Garden
    • Artist coming to All Of Us
  • Burning Man Ticket Sales
    • it’s time to get ready!!!
  • Burning Man Global Leadership Event in Oakland
  • 2017 Queer Camps List
  • Events
  • The Mechanics: How this email works

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All Of Us Update

Tom Seago, aka DJ Traaven, aka Wizard of BAAAHS, aka one of the sweetest humans we know has been working on the Art Garden for “All Of Us event” and it is coming together. You heard us talk about in the last issue a little but since then we had some new amazing additions:

All of Us is excited to announce an artist discussion featuring renowned Burning Man artists Rebekah Waites (The Church Trap), Dan Sullivan (Catacomb of Veils), and Dan Reeves (The Journey). Tickets for All of Us on sale now:

So excited to have Steve Dudek back and bringing an amazing piece that was at the Exploratorium in San Francisco. It is one of the highest traffic technology and art showcases in the city. Steve has also contributed to the Burner community and art for many years.

And 3 ( will also be there in a few roles. He will have an amazing project light piece in the garden and will also be engaged as our lighting/graphics artist for the Afterworld Party and will be performing on the Sunday showcase. Yay!!

Burning Man Ticket Sales

In just a few weeks, TICKETS for the event go on sale, and Ye need to do some things to PREPARE

  • You must create or update your “burner profile” to register for the 2017 ticket sale.
  • You should also create or update a “ticketfly” account
  • MARCH 22nd Wednesday 12:00 noon PST
  • Main sale REGISTRATION begins – No need to rush on this one, all you’re doing is registering for the MAIN sale.
  • MARCH 24th Friday 12:00 noon PST
  • Main sale REGISTRATION closes
  • MARCH 29th Wednesday 12:00 noon PST
  • MAIN SALE starts – Be ready to click at NOON or you will NOT get a ticket!!!

Burning Man Global Leadership Event in Oakland

An annual conference of Burning Man community leadership that happens each spring. From humble beginnings in 2007, where 70 Regional Contacts joined us at Burning Man HQ, the GLC has since grown to include over 400 participants from around the world.

These highly-energized folks are Burning Man’s global representatives and community leaders, ambassadors of Burning Man culture in their regions who throw any of 65 Regional events in 20 countries. They participate in the GLC to share ideas, best practices and inspiration, and to make the invaluable face-to-face connections that may just lead to the next big thing. –

There is a chance for leaders on almost all levels to go in 2017 and that deadline to apply is Friday (tomorrow). Email glc@burningman.ord to request access to the event. It does cost between $200 and $695, so be prepared to buy a ticket if one is afforded to you.

2017 Queer Burners Camp List

The list is taking shape and camps are seriously gearing up to get ready for “Radical Ritual” Burning Man 2017. Do not be one of those people who wait til the last minute to commit because you WILL be left out. Check out the 2017 Queer Burners Page on our web site. 


This is a list of events we know about:

Submit your events for the news letter in the link below.

The Mechanics

Thank you to everyone who has contributed and helped keep this network thriving. As we get closer to event season there is room for more people to play in this garden. If you sign up on the Queer Burners web site and are verified, then you too can write posts and continue conversations relevant to the community at large. Thank you to so many of you.

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