July 1 News Letter out June 30

The by monthly news letter went out on June 30th to launch the weekend and let people know about coming events.

July 4th Weekend

It’s time for fireworks and picnics in the park. Patriotism is probably along party lines this year, but with this full on launch into summer I hope everyone has an amazing and blessed holiday weekend. Be safe out there. Drive safe out there. Live, Love and Laugh as much as you can. And for those headed out for the 4th of Juplaya … you so lucky! – Toaster & Queer Burners

In this issue of the monthly news letter:

  • Is this Newsletter worth it?
  • Placement Announced for 2017
  • 2017 Queer Camps List
  • Events
  • The Mechanics: How this email works

Hello… is anyone out there?

Is this news letter a value to the community? Our total list has swollen in the last couple days to 735 getting this email from 720ish. Frankly it has been at the same number for almost a year. Yet, as much pertinent information possible is collected and assembled 2x a month. As a backup many of the news letters have been published on our web site (www.QueerBurners.Com).

With some changes coming to the whole Queer Burners structure coming this year, this is also a chance for the community to be more directly involved and have a say in all publications and services offered by this site. Be the change you want to be.

Queer Burners Mission is simple: “A Mission of Building Community and Leadership”

Placement Announced

What exciting and earlier than anticipated news! According to Trippi Longstalking in a recent letter from Placement, the Placement announcements would not be out til the beginning of July. But that changed just a few days ago when we all started getting email notifications (as camp leaders) that … well, shit is going down. And that FILLED the air with excitement.

…and then as usual a map was created to try and give some reference to where camps were at and IF a semblance of the Queer Neighborhood would be kept in tact. There were A LOT OF REASONS to be worried. We lost Answergirl and especially Hepkitten this year who (to my knowledge) were among our strongest advocates. We have had awesome relationships with Placement but when the team changed so drastically this year we could only guess at what that might lead to.

Thank fully the Queer Neighborhood is present, but fractured in spite of the grouping shown. We have good proximity, but that is really not a Placement issue. As hard as it is to say, it is really up to people filling out the applications to be clear with what camps they want to be placed. If you wrote “I need to be in the Gayborhood”… there is no OFFICIAL Gayborhood so there is nothing for a Placer to latch on to. In many cases they do not know which camps are queer/gay/lesbian/trans or not. A stronger Queer Community means we have to be more on topic with our requests.

2017 Queer Burners Camp List

A new list is published today with a different format for best practices on the site. It will be live this afternoon. It is not too late to be added to it, but the graphic above can only hold so much. . Check out the 2017 Queer Burners Page on our web site. 


This is a list of events we know about:

BURNING MAN 2017 – Hot Events

Submit your events for the news letter in the link below.

The Mechanics

Thank you to everyone who has contributed and helped keep this network thriving. As we get closer to event season there is room for more people to play in this garden. If you sign up on the Queer Burners web site and are verified, then you too can write posts and continue conversations relevant to the community at large. Thank you to so many of you.

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