Important 411

Hey all,
I thought I would use this vehicle to give you some information that you may or may not know – some of it is new some of it is old but all of it is useful…
*** BMIR (94.5 FM)
Do you all know about Burning Man Information Radio?  Do you know that this is the official radio station of Burning Man? OK did you know that in case of an emergency (including inclement weather) that important information will be broadcast on this channel?  Did you also know that when you are leaving the city that BMIR will give you information about how long the current line is?  And how long it will most likely take you to get to the highway?  PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT the place to go if you lose something on playa – Lost and Found is located at Playa Info.
*** In & Outs at Black Rock City?
Do you have all your stuff in storage in Empire?  Did you not bring that special “whatever” that you can’t build your theme camp without?  EEP!  There is a solution if you are leaving the city before  Sunday August 28th at 6 pm it will not cost you anything.  After 6 pm on Sunday it will cost each person in the vehicle $20.00 to leave and return.  The Gate has requested that if you do need to make multiple trips you try to do so before Sunday as the Gate (and the line/wait) is ridiculously busy then.
How does it work?  Before you leave camp make sure that every person in the vehicle has their ticket stub.  On your way out of the city there will be an exit lane on the far right.  Stop at the kiosks and wait for the Gate staff to come up to help you.  They will ask to see everyone’s tickets (just to make sure you’ll be able to get back in) and then will give a wristband to each of the folks leaving who plan to return. If it is after Sunday at 6 pm they will also need to collect $20 from each person in the vehicle.  When you come back through the gate on the way back into the city you will be asked to show your ticket stub and they will cut off the wristband.   They will still need to search the vehicle.
*** Coffee
Are you one of those Center Camp Coffee fiends?  If so did you know that a few years ago they began allowing participants to bring your own cup?  They even have a special line for folks with a cup in hand – I’m not sure if it’s shorter but it’s definitely more earth friendly – so bring your own CLEAN cup to fill with coffee and make your burn a little cleaner.  Coffee prices have increased this year – it will be $3 a cup.
*** Ice
I know the question floating around your camps at the moment how much is it again?  Everyone wants to know so they can bring the correct amount of cash onto the playa.  Ice will be sold at 3:00, 6:00 & 9:00 again this year.  It will be open Monday – Saturday from 9 am – 6 pm and Sunday after the burn from Noon – 6 pm.  If you are looking to buy ice on Labor Day the only ice sales that will open will be Arctica in center camp.  Ice is still $3 for a 7# bag of crushed ice or a 10# block of ice — or — $15 for 6 bags (buy 5 get your 6th for free)
*** Ice before the event Opens?  Sure!***
Did you hear the latest?  Ice sales will begin on Thursday August 25th (yes that is the Thursday BEFORE the event opens!)  Pre event only the Artica station in Center Camp will be open.  Hours will be 12:00 – 3:00, however they said to please be patient if they aren’t open on time, it’s likely because they are working on some important infrastructure as they will be building Artica while they are open for business.
*** Porta Potties
There will be more banks than ever this year – YAY! And they are generally located between Coming Out and Divorce  & Hajj and Initiation on every radial street – so they should be fairly easy to find if/ when you are in need.  And remember – If it wasn’t made in your body it doesn’t go into the potty.  I know we all know this phrase by heart – but did you know the folks who throw things in there that don’t belong actually threaten the event?  Because the only way to clear that stuff is more or less to reach in there and would you want to do that?
*** DMV
If you need to pick up your tags for you mutant vehicle – they are located on the outer ring of Center Camp,  at 12:30 and Rod’s Road (where 12:00 points to the man)  They will be open starting Saturday August 27rd from 11 am – 10:30 pm daily – except on Burn Day where they will only be open from 11 am – 2 pm.

*** Playa Info
You all know about playa info and how useful it is –  you can look for lost friends, items and camps here.  There are computers that you can look up information here as well as super hard working helpful volunteers who are there to try to help you.  Play info is located at the center camp portal, onthe inner ring, at 12:30 (where 12:00 points to the man) – just look for the big blue “i”.  They are open from 9 am – 6 pm  Monday August 29 – Monday September 5th.  Lost and Found is located here but please be aware that if it is after hours someone may be ‘playing the part’ – be sure to look for this year’s Playa Info Laminate and if you don’t see it take the information they give you at your own ‘risk’.  🙂

*** Volunteer on Playa!
Yes I know you’ve got a lot to do for your camp – but if you finish faster than you expected or would like to give a little bit more back to the city we all love there are many opportunities.  Just head over to Playa Info and check out the “V Spot”.  Any one that needs more hands to complete there tasks will post here, so it’s your opportunity to help out an artist who’s a bit overwhelmed or perhaps to help the temple crew get things done.  There are plenty of ways to volunteer and trust me it’s more fun than work!  😀
*** Rangers
We all know and love them – but how to find them in an emergency?  They are located in Center Camp on the outer ring (Rod’s Road) at 1:00, and have outposts at both 3:00 and 9:00 at Coming Out.  You can also flag down anyone with a radio and ask them to call a ranger for you.
*** Medical
Located at Esplanade and 5:15 and on Coming Out at 9:00 and 3:00.  Again if it’s a medical emergency anyone with a radio can get in touch with ESD for you.
*** Recycle Camp
Recycle camp is located in the Center Camp inner circle at 5:55.  They only accept aluminum cans and are open from Monday – Sunday from 9 am – 5 pm
I think that is most of the most relevant information that you need besides the standard, drive slow into the city to prevent dusting anyone, when you get to your camp park your car and leave it, be respectful of your neighbors and don’t blast your music, etc, etc… – BUT you guys KNOW and live by these already, right?  😀

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