Happy Holidays & Happy New Year

Here we are going into a new calendar year! In the year 2020 some of say it is a year of new focus and direction for those who can see. The things we are working toward are coming into focus. And for those of us who have counted on our community to grow stronger it does with all of us participating. Thank you all for being so amazing!

It feels like an important time of growth along with very positive changes to the ways theme camps will lead us in Cultural Direction Setting in 2020. Community leaders have been meeting over the last year working on an objective to put our participants back on course for the best possible us.

Read about Cultural Direction Setting (CDS) on the Burner blog (link)

Where does that leave the Queerborhood? CDS is a very positive spin on setting the vision for the future of Burning Man? Rest assured these changes are set for the community at large with a lot of focus on acculturation and making neighborhoods at Burning Man stronger. The impact on the Queerborhood seems minimal. Details coming out through official channels soon.

However, I am asking LGBTQAI+ leaders to spend some time thinking about the changes we have experienced specially since 2016 and where we see the future. Because, Burning Man Placement is asking to meet with us once more in 2020 to touch base. It will be late in the first quarter or perhaps in the beginning of the beginning of the 2nd.

Who wants to be a part of that conversation? If that is you please make sure you are part of the QBLN Queer Burner Leadership Network on Facebook or seeing links on the web site.

QBLN: Queer Burner Leadership Network on Facebook

QBLN: On QueerBurners.Com

Thank you, Toaster

Note: I have been blessed to be part of the Phase 2 CDS team along with a lot of other theme camp leaders from all across our community. I led a theme camp for 7 years and resigned from it in 2019 after the burn to start new projects. My role in Queer Burners has been a facilitator to network and organize queer camps and as an advocate for the Queerborhood(s). And help do great and wonderful things for all those who like fun things.

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