2018 begins the 10th year of Queer Burners as a growing network of LGBTQ Burning Man participants. It stared as GayBurners.Com in December 2008 and changed names in order to expand our commitment to radical inclusion. That was in 2012. About the same time we started running our own events including leadership forums. Then in 2015 we held our own regional style event called The Queer Burner Retreat which quickly outgrew it’s space and then in 2017 we changed it to All Of Us (again, to commit to radical inclusion for all). We still have a lot to learn from each other and grow into. You… yes YOU can be that voice carrying us into the next decade. How can you help strengthen our community?

REMINDERS: Get a complete listing of all the Regional Queer Burners pages HERE | OR… start your own. | The ALL OF US event is Memorial Day Weekend

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iRobot: a Burning Man Theme

Early thoughts on the theme from Larry Harvey <<linked to Burning Man Journal.  What a fascinating theme for the event! Thankfully it lends itself to a lot of wonderful and creative ideas.

2018 Queer Camps / Allies Listing

Camp NameSectorHome PageWe identify
?BRC Erections 7:45 & C N/AMixed
Astro Cats7:30https://www.facebook.com/groups/Astrocats.2014/Mixed
AstroPups7:30 & Jhttps://www.facebook.com/groups/76339652066/Gay Male
Bad Asstronauts9:00https:www.facebook.com/badasstronauts/Mixed
BuddhaCamp @ the Lotus Dome4:30 & JWww.buddhacamp.orgMixed
Burner Buddies4:30 & Jhttps://www.facebook.com/groups/335223049922711/Gay Male
Camp Beaverton7:30www.campbeaverton.orgWomen only, Trans inclusive
Camp Contact7:30http://burningman.campcontact.orgLGBTQ Community Ally
Camp Remote Control7:30http://www.CampRemoteControl.comGay Male - mostly
CampProper7:30http://www.CampProper.orgLGBT mainly
Celestial Bodies 7:30 Plaza between G & H http://www.campcelestialbodies.orgLGBT mainly
Champagne LoungeRRwww.facebook.com/champagneloungeMixed
Clue Bar (Murder Mysteries!)9:00https://www.facebook.com/cluebarMixed
Comfort & Joy7:30Http://playajoy.orgMixed
Creation Nation BRC!3:30https://www.facebook.com/groups/355809514794222/LGBTQ Community Ally
Dickstracted Camp7:30n/aGay Male
Down Low Club7:30https://www.facebook.com/groups/DownLowClub/Gay Male
FUR7:30http://furryburners.comLGBT mainly
Gender Blender7:30https://www.genderblenders.org/Trans/Gender Other
GlamCocks7:30https://www.facebook.com/GlamCocks/Queer (mostly Gay)
Monkey Bar in the Land of MOnkey7:30http://www.LandOfMonkey.comLGBT mainly
Mystopia7 & Ghttps://www.facebook.com/mystopia/?hc_location=ufiLGBTQ Community Ally
Paradise Motel7:30http://desertparadise.orgLGBT mainly
Patsy's Hangout7:30https://www.patsyshangout.org/Gay Male
Rainbow Oasis4:30 & Jn/aMixed
Remote Control9:00http://www.campremotecontrol.comGay Male
Snowmos @ Decadent OasisEsplanadehttps://www.facebook.com/SnowmosCO/Gay Male
Spank the Monkey Bar4:00 and F http://www.facebook.com/spankthemonkeyloungeMixed
Suspended Animation7:30http://www.suspendedanimationcrew.com/burningMan/campingWithUs.htmlLGBTQ Community Ally
Tickled Mink7:30https://www.facebook.com/tickledminkBRC/LGBT mainly
V.I.CE. - Vietnamese Ice Coffee Experience 7:30N/AMixed
Vaude Ville (Village consists of Friendzied Serenity, Dance Belt, GILFs7:30https://www.facebook.com/FriendziedSerenity/Mixed
Vietnamese Iced Coffee Experience7:30https://www.facebook.com/groups/111107568995459/Mixed