Burning Man Food….watch me work!

Hey Folks,

OK, not really like me, but I’m going to shamelessly pimp my blog, 3 Day Chef about food and I promise I’ll post about my Burning Man meals. Right now, we’re just getting ramped up with delights like Cajun Roast Beef, Ravioli 3-way, and other savory favorites including vegetarian pepper beef.

In my mind (OK, I don’t entirely look like one, but I’m a bear at heart), food is a quintessential part of celebrating with friends and Burning Man pretty well fits that bill.

Hope to see many of you watching my culinary exploits!

Lotsa Love,


2 thoughts on “Burning Man Food….watch me work!”

  1. Great blog! I’m looking forward to reading about your Burning Man recipes! I love eating well out there, and it’s often a challenge to find great recipes that work with the surroundings.

  2. Thanks Nathan! The trick for us is vacuum packing and freezing. The meals are then reheated in a solar oven. Its actually pretty easy with a bit of planning. And well, if the sun don’t shine….I just thank God for the kindness of strangers with microwaves, or the bags can be boiled to get them warm 🙂

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