Burnal Equinox

April 26/2010

Burning Man is Fastly Approaching!!!!!

In the above video, Gay Icon “Halcyon” appears in the interview. He as a whole series of often Burner related video on YouTube; Hug Nation. There are so many amazing videos on YouTube exploring the Burner experience.

Burning Man is coming!

The Burnal Equinox happened at the beginning of March, which for all accounts was hump day for us all. As we go into May, people are divinding up for their camps and busily making preparations. Where are you camping this year? Read more…

Gay Camps Everywhere!!!

I am looking for more camping information. Need more camp 411, please share. Soon Burning Man will be releasing the names and themes of the approved camps and we will be there to list all the queer ones.

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