Update on Spring Retreat Tickets

2016-sr-retreat-stickerWe have stopped selling anymore tickets for now. We are technically at our limit of what we can bring on the land for GroundSwell. However, in the next week we might be able to do more. Do not give up. We want everyone who can and wants to be there to enjoy this amazing weekend.

For those who are attending we are putting out an important email soon  we need everyone to answer. Thanks to Shaul we are going to have some great stuff for you to take away from the event as well as something to remember all the new people you met!

Meanwhile, everyone should have seen and responded to previous emails that are published here on this site:

  • Email 1: What you NEED to know 4/11
  • Email 2 : WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW 2 : 4/19
  • Email 3: NEED TO KNOW going 4/26

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