Spring Break: Announce 2 : 1 Week Out

If you are new to GroundSwell then there are a lot of things you should absolutely know before you go out there. Since this is a 10 Principles based event, there is no difference between what will happen at this event than any of the others of its kind. Radical Self Reliance means self preservation.

GroundSwellHere is a quick re-cap

  • 18+ Event (MUST carry ID)
  • No Pets and No Minors…
  • Bring Mosquito Spray
  • Bring Sun Block
  • Be careful with Ticks
  • Bring bathing supplies
  • ….including a towel

If you have not completed the survey for special needs or reserved your place for a “pay at the gate” pass please use the survey form. LINK

Transportation to the Event

One of the biggest topics of the week! Many of the respondents who answered the survey are saying they need rides out to GroundSwell. But a lot said they have space to share in their cars. It’s at 18500 Highway 128, Yorkville, CA 95454 .. it is a 3 hour drive from the city on a normal day. Google Maps Link

Driving up on your own?

BE SAFE. The road is multi lane highway the first 2/3 of the day but the last 1/3rd is two lanes and runs through the hills. There are deer on the road.. better yet there are wineries along the way too. But the land opens to us on Friday May 22nd at Noon and Dinner will be served at 7!!!

  • Parking: there are designated areas to park unless you are car-camping. There will be people to help direct you on your arrival

When you arrive:

Look for a sign that says GroundSwell on the west side of the road and pull into that driveway. Look for a sign that will merge you down that says “CAMP” and you will come to a 8.5′ wide bridge crossing the creek that will take you deeper into the property.

  • drive down into the camp to a clearing where check in will be set up next to the dining hall and the safety building: you will check in there.
  • At check in you will present you valid ID, sign the safety waiver, choose your cabin or camping spot, and hopefully get all that done while it is still daylight.

Getting there late? Park in a safe place, NOT BLOCKING ANY LANES OR FIRE LANES, and finish your check-in in the morning. BE SAFE and have fun.

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