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There have been several requests from members of the site to find Burners that share space in their individual regions. We have a resource on this site, but Burning Man’s web site also has their Regional Network. The first, best place to begin a burner experience (especially if you never have been to Burning Man before) is to get engaged and involved with your local network no matter what their sexual orientation they are.

Burning Man Regional Network

Follow this link and discover burners in your region. Experienced burners who might discover that they have no regional contact could actually become one. If you are looking for local contacts please consider this:

  • don’t worry about the sexual orientation and do not mention it in your initial contact because it is off-putting to many R.C.’s
  • R.C.’s are volunteers and have lives and jobs so they might be slow getting back to you, be patient
  • if you are treated badly by an R.C. who is not enforcing the ideology behind the 10 Principles there are people who will help*

*the Regional Network is managed (or will be managed by The Burning Man Project) and will receive direct contacts from community members. Suggestion only: use your LGBTQ leaders for concerns before contacting them because LGBTQ issues have had marginal support by BMorg and the Regional Network. We hope to eventually build a stronger relationship and have better support but that comes one day at a time. We also do not want to mire them down in issues we can resolve with each other. A little advice from a third party can go a long way.

Using Queer Burners [dot] Com

There are at least 2 resources on this site to help you connect with local contacts. Regional groups in the community are amazing and can be powerful communities to be a part of. While some have their own drama and fractures some offer unbelievable and amazing culture.

The Groups section of Queer Burners [dot] Com

  • Check out Groups here on the site. Some members have already created regional sections of the site you could jump right into or make your own. Groups are free form and any member can make one.
  • Go to the Members page and use a city name as a search criteria like “Salt Lake City” or “Los Angeles” for example. As long as someone has these in their profile it will come up.

This is one reason it is very important to make sure you complete your profiles.

Other helpful search terms: Idaho, ID, Boise, Helsinki, Poland, Nowhere… these are all words that can be relevant to your place in the world. Take Utah for example… it could be Utah, UT, SLC, Salt Lake City, Element-11, Element 11 … maybe more. Be creative in your search.


All members must complete their profiles and have the first page completed with some mention about your Burning Man plans or history. As a bonus there are 2 sections of extended profile information that are optional. Some of the info is fairly personal, but that is why it is optional.

You can edit your profiles once you are logged in. Click on your user name and look for the Edit Profile link. It will also give you a chance to add a picture for your profile.

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