5 thoughts on “Queer Tails of the Playa”

  1. I met some awesome people out there and saw art that made me feel so inspired. I am still vibrating on a level I am sharing all over the place… I wish I could think of one story. But I had so many tiny adventures but the best part… people and the art. I am so happy to have met so many members of this site.

  2. I was hosting a singles mixer at Party Naked Tiki Bar and one of my friends came in and gave me a drink that literally put me over the moon. I was in a happy place… anyway… so I start biking home and see ladymurv near First Camp; I said “Hey Gurl!”

    She called me back and I came peddling back in the blur of the moment. She says I would like you to meet so n so… leaving out his name… and she quickly departs. Next thing I know we’re sucking face in the street.

    But I have to go.. time to change costumes for the night!

    The next day I go to find Ladymurv and ask – who, what, how? I got the lowdown and met mister-goodkisser. As usual, this a great moment that passed and mister-goodkisser was never seen again.

  3. Yes I did… in fact I was right behind Mario all the way with Shifta. Shifta, that slut, met some dude there and took off on me with him… ha ha ha… I was just jealous… The parade was awesome and the mixer afterward really cool too. I think I made it to 2 of Moonbow’s mixers. Got to make out with one camp mate for a bit, which was nice.

  4. Walking thru Center Camp,
    he stands alone, forgotten or lonely?
    Building Dreams, Remembrances, Hope & Stars;
    all burned and ashes in the wind.
    He says “It’s not your fault.”

    I walk up quickly and say,
    “It’s a honor to meet you Mr. Best.”
    He does not smile or move.
    “You live in our hearts and with reverence!”

    WAIT! Can i take your picture for my Facebook page!
    Sure…He smiles…..click Click!
    His smile was worth it!

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