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I hesitate to put this in the Events Calendar. This is actually pretty huge and something I was hoping I could participate in this year. Comfort & Joy posted this today.
From Facebook:

Kd Calfee April 4 at 9:55pm Reply • Report
Dear Comfort & Joy friends –

Making a pilgrimage to the faerie sanctuary of your choice for Beltane is a popular tradition for many Comfort & Joy folks.
Travel plans are brewing!

What is this thing, Beltane? It’s a traditional May Day celebration of fertility, renewal, awakening & new beginnings that heralds the arrival of summer. Way older than Easter. (More fun, too) Learn more here:

This year, many San Francisco faeries are celebrating Beltane at Short Mountain. Lucky bitches.

In New Mexico, the Zuni Mountain Faerie Sanctuary works to create an earth-oriented rural permaculture which supports both our individual & collective spiritual creative growth. Word on the street is that their Beltane Celebration just keeps getting better:

There will also be a special San Francisco celebration (stay tuned for an exciting announcement soon). And of course, up in Oregon the Wolf Creek Faerie Sanctuary is going to turn Beltane out like a “subterranean rumble.” Can you feel it?

There’s a certain vibration, coming up through the bare soles of your feet on damp and warm soil. The subtly felt roar of a warming world, the roots extending, the seeds bursting up, and the eggshells breaking open. That’s the magic of spring life growing. Very worth celebrating!

And that’s what happening at Wolf Creek from April 27th – May 3rd. The caretaker team just send out a Beltane call & registration info, which excerpted below. Is this the year you dance the Maypole at Wolf Creek? If so, here’s what to do.

First of all, read the Good Gathering Guide, or get slapped by Miss Manners! (see link below). Also, it’s fabulous faerie etiquette to Register Early, which is an excellent way to show your love. (the kitchen crew is always thankful)

Bring your bright drag, your bright intentions, and your bright-fucking-attitude! After a winter like this, there’s no reason at all to hold back. It’s time to be magical. It’s time to love & give.

The energy we raise is what will be given back to us and the world. We want you to be aware that this is an awakening like no other, and there’s no room to let others wake up for you.
Bring it! Do it! Live it!

Put on the pageant drama, strike up a band in the field, plan that unbelievable dinner (with chocolate mousse, please), work up your spells for the spring ceremony – and every moment is a ceremony, if you make it so. So what are you serving this spring? Volunteerism is always in season honey. See a list of opportunities in the Good Gathering Guide

If you want to help the caretakers at Wolf Creek turn it out, contact the Sanctuary via or Phone: (541) 866-2678. The Caretakers are having a focus meeting for organizers and other contributors on Thursday, April 7th, 7:30 pm. Contact them to find out how to be a part of that meeting; conference call realness is available.

Naturally, a Maypole decorated with long brightly colored ribbons and flowers is an important element of most Beltane festivities. As dancers revolve around the base of the pole, interweaving the ribbons, a colorful pattern emerges that symbolizes union in community. We are those colors, woven in a interlocking web of amazing diversity, more fabulous together than apart.

It’s our confluence – the people, the spirits, the land – that creates our shared awareness of the holy, so please, plan on serving the community in your own special way. This isn’t a disposable party. It’s time to come together to fertilize your dreams with action, and make a fresh start.

Beltane is a time to create new connections and renew familiar ones. It’s about community: civics is chic, honey!


A sliding scale donation of $5-$35 / day per person is requested. It’s extremely stylish to Register & Donate Early. It’s what the beautiful people do, and you’re awful pretty honey. Plus the kitchen team loves having an attendance count.

To Register:

(1) Read the Good Gathering Guide (!) & pick a volunteer proj& download the registration form here:

(2) Fill out your form & email it to If you can’t edit/type on the PDF, just write the same info in a regular email. You can also leave a message at 541-866-2678.

(3) Make your Registration Donation here:

Analog faeries can mail the form + a check to:

Wolf Creek Sanctuary
P.O. Box 312
Wolf Creek, OR 97497

For more info about the Wolf Creek Sanctuary, visit:

See you in the garden!

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