Burner Express is not enough: Making Shit Happen

Apparently the need for sustainable transportation that reduces the impact of cars on Gerlach and Black Rock City is bigger than Burner Express (BE) buses can provide. While many of us are grateful for a means of self-reliant transportation WHAT Burner Express was has expanded to is including air travel. They have even gone to the level of offering tickets to TTITD in conjunction with their BE ticket.

While Burner Express is a ray of sunshine for participants for many organizers who build the city are hampered a little by the service which means there are fewer people to help build, take out refuse and assist with breakdown. Yes, BE passengers are each given a recycling bag and a trash bag and can take out one of each. All camp leaders should make sure BE riders are doing their share.


There are some camps making their own express buses out of a need to get their people on site and reduce impact on the playa. We can only hope that these groups are getting the same direct access as Burner Express, but we are moving in baby steps. We are reducing impact on the environment and helping BMorg to achieve their goals.

At least 2 camps have been posting about a bus service they rallied and are looking for riders to get to Burning Man (TTITD). If you are still looking for transportation and cannot hook up with someone in your camp already then this service can be a good fit.

GLAMCOCKS (from Chris Ruiz) [Original post since taken down]

Started a campaign to get a bus out but as of this post we found out that the project was started but was not financially solvable. It was exciting to see and then Mystopia said they were trying to do something too it made sense to talk about both. Why bring it up if not happening… to show that there is a need and then we have Mystopia:

MYSTOPIA (from Jake) [Original post on Queer Burner Facebook Group]

The Mystopia Burner Bus tickets are now available for the 7:30 Sector neighborhood camps, so take the opportunity to grab your tickets now. Below is all the pertinent information, please let me know if you have any questions and please distribute to your fellow campers as you see fit!


Jake Standish aka Ms. Frizzle aka Always Something


Tickets are $88 each direction.
(Less than the $108 for the official Burner Bus)

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