2013 Theme Announced

2013 Burning Man ThemeIt came out today and depending on your point of view… I think it seems pretty cool. So I am looking forward to what the coming year will bring with vision and creativity. Yay for us.

QueerBurners.Com also appeared in the JRS today. Well, I wrote the note that appeared because i am trying very hard to show we are radically inclusive. Why? Because someone (okay several someones) said we were not. Some of those were inside our own community.

Recently I made a x-post of an event and it was asked if it was being run by Queer Burners. It should never keep any member of the community at-large from being a participant. I did say community. That means the Burning Man Community and our LGBTQ++ community.

So, raise a glass with me at the next meetup and let’s look forward to an amazing new season.

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