Spirited by Queerburners events

Dates: October 29th to November 1st
Gates Open: Friday at Noon
Doors Close: Monday at Noon

Spirited Weekend is a chance to reconnect with each other, the spirits of our ancestors and those of the world around us for Halloween weekend. Revel, dance, celebrate, give thanks, embrace, experience with your community.

Spirited caters to LGBTQAI+ and our allies based on the 10 Principle community of Burning Man participants; not affiliated with Burning Man. This is in the spirit of a regional event that brings people in locally and afar who celebrate community and the rituals of our lives through art, education and performance.

This is a four day, three night event in the Northern California woods at the East Park Reservoir the same place Camp Tipsy is hosted. It is public land under the County of Colusa.

  • This is a LNT event: Leave No Trace (pack it in pack it out)
  • Radical Inclusion: yes, everyone

An ad hoc event with content generated by the participants. Theme Camps are welcome and encouraged. It is a camping event with designated areas for activity and residential tenting. You must bring your own home for the event and all your own food. No open flames or fires allowed because of drought conditions. However, participants can prepare food with a proper camping cooking device.

  • Radical Self Reliance: bring your own stuff for survival
  • Community: do not depend on others for your care, but teaming up is awesome

Our programming is minimal and we encourage groups to plan parties and host them in their camps or in a common area away from tenting spaces/residences. If you have a project or plan you would like to do to generate activity let us know what it is at events@queerburners.com

  • Participation: everyone puts a hand in to make it work

The entirety of the land is available for all participants including an amazing body of water good for freezing your bits off if it is too cold. The County of Colusa has advised that water levels are expected to be low and that participants should be mindful and careful.

Every participant will be required to complete a waiver upon arrival or will not be allowed to stay on the land and will not get a refund.
Consent and mutual respect of your fellow beings is an absolute and intolerance will not be tolerated – period. Community standards will be a part of the waiver. Radical Inclusion is a core value in who we are. And it is not up to other people different than you to educate you on their bodies or appearance, so be respectful.

Sound and Structures
This is a camping based event without large structures. A building permit may be required for tens larger than about 200 square feet. There are no plans for any structures or stages at this time.

We anticipate amplified sound that requires a sound permit with the Sheriff Office. We will do our best to manage our sound and activity so it will have a minimal impact on the surrounding community.

Safety and Security
This is an event on land that is managed by the County of Colusa and the Federal Bureau of Reclamation and must be respected as such. We are operating on a series of permits and agreements. We will also likely have a presence of the Country Sheriff office inside and outside the premier of our event.

  • All participants, volunteers and attendees must sign a standard waiver for our events.

Note: There is an expectation that the event will occur without any issues in the community around the venue. As long as we are respectful there is likely to be no problems and we will act to mitigate those potential issues. The County has warned that there may be some neighbors that have an issue and the Sheriff department will be the buffer to limit any issues.

Attendees will have to check in at the Gate. At that point a waiver needs to be signed and a ticket presented in order to access. All attendees MUST maintain an event bracelet to be in the event:
Color1: Attendees who are 18 to 21 who are not of drinking age
Color2: Attendees 21 and over with a ticket and signed a waiver
Color3: Attendees who do not want to be photographed or video

Tickets must be purchased in advance and online. Sales at the gate are at the discretion of the gate lead and supervising staff and have the right to turn people away. This is an 18 and over event – no minors. Anyone under 21 drinking or using illegal substances will be ejected with no refund. No illegal substances will be tolerated.

Volunteers will be asked to take a shift with medical training that are EMT or medically certified professionals and patrol the event with a centralized triage space. There should be 1 or ideally 2 people per shift.

Since this is not an officially sanctioned Burning Man event it is not possible to have Black Rock City Rangers in their official roles, but we have trained Rangers who have been willing to assist. We will have trained volunteers in confrontation management and some with a psychological and drug training roaming our event to mitigate and potential interpersonal issues within the event and with visitors who have questions about our event.

Law Enforcement
The County of Colusa Sheriff Department may want to have patrol(s) but that will follow an assessment. That will also affect the costs below. The Sheriff will generally remain outside the event but may enter for any reason they determine. The LEO (Law Enforcement Officer) should always be treated with respect and welcomed.

Events in the time of Covid
How does Queerburners intend on making the area safe for its participants? We will follow all health and safety requirements as mandated by the State of California including:

  • Intentional limited ticket sales so that all people have room for social distancing
  • Requirements at check-in as determined by CDC and local Health Department

Even if we have to cancel or postpone the event. We care that our participants are healthy and safe at all of our events.

Ticket Pricing:
Base price is $75 – $175/person for the weekend with discounts and add-ons based on individual needs and financial position.
Limited access tickets for persons with financial hardship who apply for it.

Pre-Sale: July (Coming Soon)
Tiered Ticket Sales: September 1
To be considered of a lower priced ticket click here: https://forms.gle/gCdhZNNn1Kvp2vbTA

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