Rainbow Leadership Series Ep.2 – Queerborhoods

I invited select leaders in the community from some of the most known camps to speak about the Queerborhood in recent history and share ideas for the new age we have entered post covid (an assumption and maybe an unrealistic view). How can we help open a path to better collaboration and presentation without curating ourselves into a corner away from intrinsically inspired content that is spontaneous and inviting.

The Queerborhood in 7:30 has gone through a lot of evolution over time and continues to shapeshift. The splitting of Queerborhoods in 2019 was the first major change. 

The 4:30 Queerborhood anchored by BAAAHS was not the only Queerborhood that emerged over the years. Users have often generated spaces grown and fostered out of a need for safety and community. This includes Burner Buddies and others over time. 

On Thursday on April 21 8pm, I am inviting a panel to talk about Burning Man 2022. What are the needs of th Queer community and how do leaders in those sectors want to inspire, enrich and mentor our community into more enriching and accountable space.

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Thank you for all the people that came to our gathering this evening focusing on camp leadership. This meeting allowed us to demonstrate to the community that leadership is working hard to make 2022 successful. And, that there is room for people from all walks of life to share their voice and bring their own visions to camps and camp operators.

Camps represented:

  • Comfort & Joy / Clever
  • Beaverton / Wren
  • GlamCocks / James
  • Future Turtles / Joel
  • Land of Monkey / Sara and Matt

We got to hear how some camps are being forced to pivot with smaller budgets and much more limited resources resulting in some changes in order to make it work. 2022 looks very exciting, but unless the ticketing situation gets clarified a lot of camps will suffer on a level that makes it impossible if not highly probable to make these camps happen.