Don’t get caught short

Did you NOT get a Burning Man ticket this week? Here’s what to do…

This week’s Burning Man ticket lala was just ROUND ONE. It was a special early sale for select project leaders. Up next: ROUND TWO ~ “The Individual Sale.”

Kitten CaffeeThis also requires a Burner Profile. Create one. If you haven’t yet, do it today:

Then: Go “Register” for the “Individual Sale” via your Burner Profile between Feb 20-Feb 23. This will give you the vital CODE # that everyone was freaking out about this week. You need this code to purchase a ticket on a first-come, first serve basis, starting on Noon, February 26th.

Yes Virginia, if you don’t go through the Registration Process on your Burner Profile by Feb 23 you will not be able to buy on Feb 26th. If you bought a ticket in the first round you will not be able to buy another ticket in a later round.

More information:

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